Sailing on a Lake

How to sail a lake step by step STEP 1: Find a brave crew When you are planning to do great things, you need great people around you. Ok, that sounds like a super wise sentence from „How to set up a business“. Let’s say that if you want to sail a lake, the people...

We found the sea!

City surrounded by mountains from one side and sea from the other - that's what is Anchorage like. We already have been in the mountains for couple of times so now there comes the time for the sea!

LG post naší Kačky

Nebe, peklo, ráj. Hoboken, Union City, Manhattan. ❤️ (a Bronx) aneb post naší Kačky, který nás rozesmál.

Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier is the largest glacier in US accessible by car. So we just got in one of these American "small" cars and went to explore!

Independence Day celebration 2016

Protože všichni naši studenti v USA slavili 4. července Den nezávislosti neboli Fourth of July, slavily jsme i my.

Crow Pass

Sun and rain, smiles and tears, mountains and rivers, mooses and bears... and much more during one single hike!

Crawling to the top…

Being after work, we were looking just for some easy short hike to relax... We picked Mt. Baldy thinking that it could be one! Was it a right choice?

4th of July

It wouldn't be a proper American trip if we hadn't gone out for the Independence Day!